Returning Resident Assistant Portfolio Information

Written Portfolio
Your written portfolio will cover a wide variety of items which must be included and compiled/bound in some form before being submitted. Your portfolio should include:

A. Current résumé – You are encouraged to go to the Career Services & Internships Office in the Learning Commons to have your résumé reviewed as well as schedule a Mock Interview to prepare yourself for the experience. This should be the first 1-2 pages of your portfolio. All the information below should be contained on additional pages and not in your resume portion.

B. Placement preferences – Please include a paragraph on each of your placement preferences (e.g. South Hall, Commons Village I/II, Justin Potter, Edward Potter). You should explain why you would like to be placed in the location and what assets you could bring to that community. If there are buildings in which you would not return to the staff if placed there, you should include a short statement about those preferences.

C. Highlights from your previous experiences as a Resident Assistant – This section should feature your most positive experiences as a RA thus far. Specifically, you should include information about programming achievements, community successes, and positive staff relationship anecdotal evidence. You may also choose to highlight other accomplishments as a RA in which you take pride.

D. Challenges – Please include a section about the most challenging matter(s) you have experienced as a RA and how you have worked through these issues.

E. Plans for the future – In this section you should outline your anticipated plans as a RA during the upcoming year. Possible topics for this section could include goals, programming ideas you might have, attributes you will bring to a staff and to the Residence Life family, plans for staying motivated/keeping the position fresh, and/or time commitments for next year and strategies for managing your time.

Portfolio Presentation
The second component to your re-application portfolio will be the presentation you give to the Residence Life staff. You will be scheduled for a 20-minute meeting with Residence Life staff to include:

● 10 minutes for the candidate to present highlights from her/his portfolio.
● 10 minutes for the Residence Life staff to ask questions based upon the candidate’s portfolio.
● There will also be an opportunity for the candidate to ask questions during this time.